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Transform Your House and Yard with Permanent LED Outdoor Strip Lighting Systems


Permanent Outdoor Strip Lighting Systems


There are many options to showcase your exterior home landscaping through permanent LED outdoor strip lighting systems. Add drama to a special outdoor space in the garden like a gazebo or a hot tub. Welcome home family to a special reunion or homecoming party. You can be the biggest sports fan on the block by flashing your favourite team’s colours. Professionally installed permanent LED outdoor strip lighting systems can add a flair to your exterior décor!


You may be familiar with these types of lights, which are often found on commercial buildings, displaying corporate colours. But more and more residents are finding that installing permanent lights on their homes helps to tell their family’s "story”.


Fun and Beautiful Lighting Creations

Better LED lighting companies in the GTA will install outdoor strip lighting that will enhance your way of life. Obviously, if you like to decorate your home for holidays, this kind of system makes it safe, easy, and fast to do so. Forget climbing up a tall ladder in icy weather to secure bulbs on the roofline – permanent LEDs will already be in place for you. All you have to do to have a spectacular Christmas or Hanukkah display is to click a remote, or touch a smartphone app, and you are set for the season. Use the time you saved to have an eggnog in front of the fireplace!


Permanent outdoor strip lighting is not only for the month of December. You can also make your home a showpiece by bathing it in colourful light. Accent special architectural features, or simply create a warm glow. You can stick with classic white, or choose a single colour; you can select multiple colours, or you can turn them off. When the LED strips are not lit, they are virtually invisible to passersby.


Have fun with your lights, too. Halloween? Light up in orange and black to show the neighbourhood kids that you’ll be distributing treats. Are the Leafs in the playoffs? Flash blue and white whenever they score!


Make Your Yard Magical


Perhaps you want to light your backyard area. Many homeowners have a patio or a deck where they like to relax or entertain. You may have a hot tub, or other fun feature in the yard. You’ll want to have lighting for these areas, but house strip lights can create ambient light that helps to illuminate these areas, too. You can also install strip lights along a garden path, or on a gazebo. Playing with light can create an oasis in your backyard.


Of course, if you are planning to hold a reception or party in your outdoor space, strip lighting can add to the fun. Flash lights in the bridal party colours, or pattern a multi-colour celebration for a special birthday or anniversary.


Outdoor strip lights help to promote safety in two different ways. First, they provide more light for family and guests so that they can navigate your outdoor space more safely. Second, additional light helps to keep prowlers or vandals away.


Find a company that specializes in outdoor LED strip lighting, and learn more about this versatile and beautiful type of illumination!